Creating SharePoint Intranet Portals



Creating and setting up SharePoint Online Intranet Portals

Modern intranet pages designed using SharePoint Online offer numerous benefits to organizations. They ensure that content is always at the fingertips of every employee - even on mobile devices. They improve efficiency with the ability to quickly update content by editors and the functionality of confirming notifications before publishing. In addition, SharePoint Online supports document versioning, such as policies, instructions, and ISO standards. This feature provides traceability of changes and contributes to better organization and document management within your organization.

We assist you with:

  • designing your intranet portal
  • development of the portal and its components in the SharePoint Online environment
  • training editors and administrators
Setting up a SharePoint Online portal is a comprehensive project that requires careful planning and execution.

We provide comprehensive support in all phases of development

1. Needs Analysis
Before starting to set up a portal, it is important to understand what your organization aims to achieve with the SharePoint Online portal. This could include improving collaboration among employees, centralizing document storage, or improving internal communication.
2. UI Design
With a prototype drawing of the portal, we help you make better decisions about how sites will be arranged, how document libraries will be organized, and how different SharePoint functionalities will be used.
3. Portal setup and configuration
This includes the technical setup of the SharePoint Online portal and the construction of functional components that meet the needs of your organization.
4. Migration of existing data
If your organization already has documents or other data that you want to transfer to SharePoint, we will help you migrate them.
5. Training editors and administrators
Once the portal is set up, it's important to train the editors and administrators who will manage the site and edit content.
6. Maintenance and improvements
After setting up the portal, it is important to regularly review and update the portal to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your organization. This can include adding new features, adjusting settings, and resolving any issues."

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