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Custom application development in Power Apps technology

We offer organizations assistance in digitalization and automation with Power Platform. We help you with advice on choosing and using the right technologies within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We advise you on the digitalization of your own processes, help you with coaching to develop your own staff for the use of current technologies.

We offer you:

  • consultation
  • development
  • training
Digitalization and automation of your own processes require a whole range of knowledge and skills.

We fully support you in all stages of development

1. Needs analysis and consultation
Together with you, we assess your business needs, analyze the current situation and advise you on choosing the appropriate technology solution that will enable more efficient business operations.
2. Prototype and UI creation
We prepare a visual prototype and user interface for easier understanding of the final solution. This allows you to get a clear idea of how your digitalized and automated solution will work even before development.
3. Preparation of the appropriate data background
We ensure the appropriate data structure that allows the smooth operation of the solution and supports your business processes.
4. Solution development
Our team of experts develops a solution based on your requirements and specifications, and adapts it to your business environment.
5. Implementation in the client's environment
Then we implement the solution in your business environment, ensuring that all associated processes are integrated and coordinated.
6. End-user training
Finally, we conduct training for end-users, enabling them to effectively use the new solution and thus increase their productivity.

Examples of already developed applications

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