Implementation of M365 ecosystem



Implementation of Teams and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem

The Microsoft 365 environment offers over 30 tools for modern and efficient work, and at the heart of this ecosystem is the Teams tool. Effective implementation of the Teams tool requires a systematic approach, otherwise we can quickly find ourselves in chaos. Practice shows that proper planning according to the specific needs of the organization is crucial. Research has shown that with the properly implemented M365 ecosystem, we can increase employee productivity by at least 15%, which means saving at least 6 hours per employee per week.

We help you adapt the entire M365 ecosystem for your organization:

  • consultation based on experience in past projects
  • creation of collaboration and communication methodology in the new digital environment
  • setting up key teams and channels in the Teams tool
  • training of content and technical administrators of the M365 ecosystem
Take advantage of the potential of M365 tools for better team communication and collaborative document work.

We fully support you in all phases of implementation

1. Strategy setup and consultation
Raising awareness of management (Workshop benefits of M365 for management), diagnostics with the establishment of an implementation strategy with management and IT, and consultation.
2. Methodology, rules, and instructions
Defining a group of key users, setting rights at the team level, and detailed description of the structure, rights, resources, and the formulation of rules.
3. Coaching for IT and ambassadors
Consultation and coaching for the IT team and key users, and the establishment of an ambassador team.
4. End-user training
Education for end users, training of ambassadors, and a news notification system.

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